2021 PAS Composition Contest

To encourage and reward composers who write music for percussion instruments and to increase the number of quality compositions written for percussion.

2021 Competition:
Solo Vibraphone – 100th Year of the Vibraphone!


  • $3,000 grand prize (up to two honorable mentions – $250.00 each). Additional pieces may be acknowledged by the judges due to their quality. These pieces will not receive financial awards.
  • Winning composition, Honorable mention(s), and additional pieces selected by the judges  will be listed on the PAS website with composer’s picture and bio.
  • Winning composition and Honorable mention(s) will be listed along with review of work(s) in Percussive Notes during early 2022.
  • Winning composition and Honorable mention(s) will be further announced at PASIC.
  • Winning composition will be performed in the USA shortly after the winner is announced. Other performances around the world may occur based around availability of performers.


  • Works can not have been premiered and must have been completed after November 1, 2020.
  • Duration, level, and instrument range (no larger than 4 octaves) of composition will be left to the composer. Works also using new or extended techniques are also encouraged.
  • No arrangements of works will be accepted.


Submit the following items through the online application:

  • A PDF file of the composition absent of any composer information. Label file with title of work.
  • An audio file of a computer realization or other recording (non performance) of the composition absent of any composer or performer information. Label file with title of work.


  • All complete applications will be evaluated by a panel of judges. Contest results will be announced in November 2021.
  • All entry materials become property of PAS. PAS does not claim rights to distribute materials. Materials will be archived for historical purposes only. Composers retain all rights to their composition.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed, but a separate application and $20 entry fee is required for each entry.

DEADLINE: August 1, 2021

Application will open in early 2021.

Questions? Please email percarts@pas.org